3 New West Knoxville Restaurants To Try

Knoxville is very lucky to have very diverse array of restaurant choices. In recent months, there have been a few new restaurants open in the West Knoxville area. Here are 3 new West Knoxville restaurants to try.

Tom + Chee

Tom + Chee is a restaurant that specializes in grilled cheese and tomato soup. This Cincinnati based chain has a new spin on the classic grilled cheese and tomato soup combo by offering a whole slew of cheese options (including vegan/vegetarian), different types of breads, and different varieties of tomato soup (including vegan/vegetarian). They also offer fresh salads, different soups of the day, and many unique takes on grilled cheese options.

The Tom + Chee restaurant is located in West Knoxville on Kingston Pike, just past the intersection of Cedar Bluff and Kingston Pike.

Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar

Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar specializes in gourmet burgers made from scratch. The menu features an array of burgers ranging from very basic burgers to chicken burgers and tuna burgers and beyond. In addition, Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar offers delicious appetizers, an array of salads, along with gluten free and vegetarian options.

Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar is located in Turkey Creek. It is located off Parkside Drive, near Campbell Station Road.

LaRosa’s Family Pizzeria

LaRosa’s Family Pizzeria is a Cincinnati based chain that entered the Knoxville market earlier this year. LaRosa’s offers over 40 different selections of pizza, all of which that are family based recipes. In addition, LaRosa’s offers pasta, hoagies, calzones, soups, and salads. They offer dine-in, delivery (for those who live close enough), and carry out.

The LaRosa’s Family Pizzeria is located in West Knoxville, near the intersection of Kingston Pike and Cedar Bluff.

What new West Knoxville restaurants have you tried recently? What is your favorite West Knoxville restaurant?