How To Make Knoxville Sellers Fall In Love With You When You Write An Offer

When you finally find the perfect Knoxville home for sale, you just know it. You contemplate where the furniture will go and can picture moving your stuff in. There’s a feeling of relief and excitement when you find the right home.

But, there’s one big hurdle to overcome: writing a winning offer. In a seller’s market, you could be facing some competition once you find the right home. Sometimes, writing the winning offer is more than just writing a good offer. Some sellers are swayed by emotions, which is why it’s important that you make a good impression on the seller.

In this post, we’ll show you how to make the seller fall in love with you when you write an offer.

Offer The Right Price

Make Knoxville sellers fall in love with you by offering the right price. Price is the single-most important factor for sellers when it comes accepting an offer. When you offer a price that’s competitive, a seller will automatically fall in love with you.

Prior to making an offer, your realtor can help advise you on price. A realtor can show you what has sold in the area as well as what is currently listed for sale. Based on that, a realtor can help advise you on what a competitive price for an offer will be, particularly if there are other buyers vying for the same property.

Make It Easy For Them To Say Yes

There can be some offers that can be a convoluted mess of contingencies and other items. Even when the price is right on these offers, some contingencies can make it difficult for a seller to say yes to your offer. In order to make Knoxville sellers love you, make your offer as simple as possible, it will help make it easier for a seller to say yes.

Here are a few things to help a seller say yes:

  • Ask for only what you need (i.e. don’t ask for appliances)
  • Ask for a reasonable close date
  • If you ask for closing costs, take that into account when you consider price
  • Make your repair requests reasonable
  • Provide a pre-approval letter

The easier you make it for a seller to accept your offer, the more likely they will be to accept your offer. When accepting an offer, a seller wants to know that a transaction will go smoothly. When you don’t include crazy contingencies and make the transaction complicated, a seller is more likely to accept your offer.

Tell Them How You Feel

Finally, telling a seller how you really feel about a house can make a difference. Many sellers are emotional about selling a home. So, when it comes time to accept an offer, sellers often take comfort in knowing that the home is going to a buyer who will love it as much as they did. Writing a quick note about how much you love the home and why you can see yourself living there can make a difference. A seller may not accept a home for this reason, but it may help sway the odds in a

Writing a quick note about how much you love the home and why you can see yourself living there can make a difference. A seller may not accept a home for this reason, but it may help sway the odds in your favor. The quick note or letter doesn’t have to be anything long or overly emotional, it just needs to be sincere.

If you find yourself motivated to write a note to the seller, do it. But, if you find yourself struggling to do this, then don’t do it. A seller will be able to since you’re not being sincere, so only do this if you truly want to.

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