Win The War Against Your Kids’ Toys When You Sell A Knoxville Home

Selling a Knoxville home can be tough. It can be tough to deal with showings at all hours of the day and to constantly have to keep your home clean.

This can be even more challenging when you have kids. Suddenly, your home becomes overflowing with toys, games, dolls, and race cars. Even when you’re organized, it can be tough to constantly keep things cleaned up, since kids can create a mess in a matter of a few minutes and that mess can move from one room to another.

This is a common challenge many Knoxville sellers face when they sell their home. You don’t want to constantly be stressing out about keeping your Knoxville home clean before showings. In this post, we’ll show you how to win the war against your kids’ toys when you sell a Knoxville home.

Choose Easy Storage Options

In order to win the war against your kids’ toys when you sell a Knoxville home, it can help to make storing the toys easy. When it’s easy to quickly and easily stow away toys, you’ll make keeping your home clean for showings much easier.

Things like bookshelves with storage bins, benches with storage, or toy boxes are all things that can make storing toys easy. When you can easily stow toys out of sight, you make it much easier to keep your home clean for when you have showings. There are many storage options that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Places like the Container Store, Amazon, or Target can all provide you with options that make storing stuff convenient while being aesthetically pleasing.

Teach Your Kids To Help

Part of the battle of winning the war against your kids’ toys when you sell a home is to get your kids to help. When you teach your kids to clean up after they play, you’ll make it much easier to help keep your home clean.

Start by building the habit that after your kids are done playing that they must clean up after themselves before they move onto the next activity. If you struggle to get your kids to clean up after themselves, try to motivate them with a reward, whether it’s a treat or an extra half an hour of their favorite TV show.

Contain The Mess

One of the best ways that you can help with the war against your kids’ toys when you sell a Knoxville is to contain the mess to one room. There’s probably one room in your house where the kids normally play, whether it’s the family room, the basement, or the bonus room.

When you’re selling a Knoxville home, it’s best to designate the play area to one room. When toys spread through every room in the house, it can be a lot harder to keep your home clean. It can sometimes be necessary to keep toys in other parts of the house for the convenience. Find easy ways to store these toys in these locations so you make clean up easy in these additional locations.

Make It Easy For Kids To Help

Finally, if you’re going to have your kids assist you with keeping your home clean when you sell a Knoxville home, it’s best to make it easy for them to help clean up. When toy storage bins are too tall for kids to reach or too hard for kids to identify, you’ll make it hard for them to assist with cleaning up.

Make sure storage bins of toys are easily accessible so kids can reach them. Store toys in clear bins or bins that are clearly labeled (with words or pictures) so that your kids can easily tell what toys go where. The easier you make it for your kids to help clean up, the better.

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