Why You Should Never, Ever Waive A Home Inspection

Finding the right home can be tough, but buying your first home in a seller’s market can be even tougher.

Great homes are flying off the market in a matter of days and homes are getting multiple offers, this can make it stressful to find the right home.  You likely find yourself missing out on homes and that can be draining.

When buyers find it tough to find the right home, it can be tempting to do just about anything to get your offer accepted. This can cause some buyers to consider waiving a home inspection in order to get their offer accepted.

In this post, we’ll explain why you should never, ever waive a home inspection.

Why You Do An Inspection

Would you buy a car without having a mechanic check it out? Probably not. Without some sort of verification that a car is in good condition, you’d probably be leery of spending money on a car. After all, you’d probably want to know if the breaks were faulty or if the transmission was in need of replacing.

While a car is a big expense, a home is even more expensive. Homes can come with more expensive problems that can make any car problem look insignificant. A home inspection is your opportunity to have a professional inspect it before you buy it. It’s a way to know the good, the bad, and the ugly about the home.

Without a home inspection, you have no way of knowing if there’s a crack in the foundation or if the roof is in need of replacing. Even if you’re a handy person, there is really just no way that you’d be able to go into the detail that a home inspector does. When you opt to waive an inspection, you put your investment at risk.

What Are You Risking?

A home inspection is what allows you to find out potential problems before you buy a home. Any issues that are found can be repaired or negotiated prior to closing. If you can’t come to an agreement with the seller, you’ll be able to walk away from the transaction with your earnest money.

Without an inspection, you’re buying a home without doing your due diligence. A home is one of the largest investments you could ever make and you’re risking buying a home that could come with a whole slew of issues. If the roof needs to be replaced or the foundation is cracked, you wouldn’t know about the problem until it’s too late.

A home is just too much of an expense to risk buying it without an inspection.

You Can Still Improve Your Odds Of Offer Acceptance

Even without waiving your home inspection, there are still things that you can do that can help improve your odds of getting your offer approved.

One easy thing to do is to agree to do your home inspection quickly. You can tighten your inspection deadline to help ease as a seller’s nerves. This can show a seller that you’re serious about buying a home and can make both parties happy. A seller doesn’t want to necessarily have to take their home off the market any longer than they need to if a home inspection ends up going bad. So, if you agree to do an inspection quickly, you’re helping ease some of the worries of a seller.

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