Why You May Not Be Finding The Right Home

Buying a home should be a fun, exciting experience.

Unfortunately, the stress and work involved with the process can make the experience anything but fun for some buyers. They get so wrapped up in their own issues about the process, they make their home search more stressful than it has to be.

In this post, we’re here to try and help you bring back the joy of finding the perfect home. We’ll cover a few reasons why you’re not finding the right home for you and offer up a few solutions.

Aimlessly Searching

There are a lot of times where home buyers are guilty of aimlessly searching for a home. These buyers are guilty of looking at anything and everything in their home search. With that kind of approach, it’s no shock that these buyers aren’t finding a home.

Before you begin your search, have a clear understanding of what you’re looking for. It doesn’t have to be razor-focused, just enough to know what you’re looking for Know your general location, size, must-haves, deal-breakers, and price range. This gives you something to work with when you begin your search.

There’s no use in looking at a home that’s way out of your search area. While you may end up loving the house, you might hesitate to write an offer since it’s too far from everything that’s important to you.

Don’t be the aimless wanderer who is looking at every house. Only look at the houses that are what you’re looking for. It’ll make the process feel less overwhelming and feel like less work. You can always expand your search criteria later on if you’re not finding what you want.

Too Picky

It is great to be a decisive buyer. Knowing what you want in a home is a huge asset, particularly when you can voice those needs to your realtor.

Still, it’s a fine line between knowing what you want and being just way too picky. If you’re too busy picking apart a color scheme that is easily fixable, you may find yourself missing out on the great potential a house has to offer.

As you start your home search, keep an open mind. Instead of immediately picking out what you hate about a home, consider what you like and if the things you dislike are fixable.

Not every house will be perfect and the house you ultimately buy will not necessarily have everything you want, but if it has most of what you want you can consider that a win.

Moving Too Slow

When a great Knoxville home for sale hits the market, it typically won’t last. In the last few months, great homes have been only on the market a matter of days or hours before getting an offer.

This means as a buyer you need to be prepared to move quickly when new houses of interest hit the market.

If you’ve been having difficulty finding the right home or have missed out on a great home, be sure you have a realtor who can notify you when something new is on the market.

You will also need to be prepared to take the time to look at things quickly and make a quick decision if the home meets your needs.

Distracted By Cosmetic Issues

One thing that can really kill a lot of buyers is getting hung up on cosmetic issues. Paint, flooring, landscaping, among many other things, can all be very easily changed.

Unfortunately, a lot of buyers are unwilling to look through these items when it comes to searching for a house.

If a house just has some cosmetic issues, don’t be too quick to run away from it. You may be able to get a better deal on the house and make the upgrades you want after you buy it.

Or, you could consider a loan option that would allow you to make the changes and finance them into the loan. An FHA 203(k) loan will allow you to buy a house with 3.5% down and make the changes to the house that you’re wanting to. You can update the kitchen, repaint, install new carpet, among many other things to get the perfect house you want. For more information about these types of loans, look here to see what your options are.

Finding The Right Home Should Be Fun

Finding the right home should be fun, not something you dread. Be sure to find yourself a realtor that you enjoy working with. You’re going to be spending a lot of time with your realtor and they need to be someone that you can trust.

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