A Simple Guide To Surviving Home Showings With Kids

You’ve narrowed down your search area. You’re armed with a pre-approval letter. And, you’ve found the perfect Knoxville realtor to help you find a home.

There’s just one small challenge: your kids. A home search can be overwhelming enough, but when you add kids into the mix, things can be a bit more challenging.

Here is how to survive Knoxville home showings with kids.

Leave The Kids At Home

If at all possible, try to leave the kids at home during showings.

Bringing kids to showings can be a distraction. Oftentimes, parents are more concerned with keeping kids in check during a showing than enjoying the showing itself. This is why, if at all possible, it can be best to keeps kids at home during showings.

Understandably, it is not always possible to leave the kids at home. It can be often hard to find a babysitter or family member to watch kids during a last-minute showing. This can be even more difficult if you’re new to an area.

But, if you’re able to do showings while the kids are at school, you can make the process easier one everyone.

Minimize Showing Time

When you are not able to find someone to watch your kids during a showing, it can be best to avoid days of marathon showings.

As a parent, you know how long your kids can behave during showings. If their older, you may be able to see 3 or 4 houses. Younger kids, though, may cap out after 1 or 2 showings.

To make the most out of your showings, it’s best to not to push your kids beyond their limits. Otherwise, your final few showings may be plagued with meltdowns.

If you’re needing to find a home quickly, it is sometimes easiest to break up showings over the course of a few days. This will ensure that you make the most out of showings and aren’t distracted. It can also help to limit the time in a house. The more efficient you are, the more homes that you’ll see. You can always go back to a home for a second look.

Keep A Watchful Eye

When you go out on showings, it’s important that you keep a watchful eye over your kids. The homes you’re visiting are foreign to both you and your kids. You never know what kind of trouble they can get into or what items could pose a safety issue.

As you go through each house, be sure that you keep a close eye on kids. You don’t want them getting into something they shouldn’t while you’re in another person’s house. Be sure you walk through each house together to avoid any issues.

Give Your Kids Something To Look Forward To

When you give your kids something to look forward to after showings, it will provide them with a strong motivation to behave during the showings. Depending on the age of your kids, the type of reward may vary.

Motivate kids by offering to go to their favorite restaurant after a showing or stop by their favorite ice cream place. In addition, kids also enjoy picking out their new rooms. When you bring your kids along on a showing, motivate them by allowing them to pick out their room and plan what their new room will look like.

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